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that’s right. eat a huge slab of wood. just fucking eat it. you piece of shit

what a treet

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Crowns are the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity, for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honour, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection.

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When I was 17 my appendix ruptured because I thought I was just having period cramps and didn’t go to the hospital so don’t tell me PMS symptoms are no big deal

this actually happened to me during my math final and i didn’t think anything of it and when i was later admitted to the hospital my math prof was asking me ‘you didn’t have to take the final! why didn’t you tell me it hurt?!?!’ and i told him i’ve had cramps worse.

he gave me 100

This is actually an extremely common occurrence simply because in sex ed they don’t teach you how to tell the difference between menstrual cramps and other more serious pains. The way to tell the difference between cramps and appendicitis is that while menstrual cramps are generalized toward the middle of the stomach below the belly button, pain from a swollen or burst appendix will start in the middle of the stomach and relocate to only the lower right side, even lower than menstrual cramps, and is a very localized pain. It also comes on extremely suddenly and will worsen over time or when you make a sudden movement, like a cough or a sneeze.

Basically, if you’re feeling any sort of pain, even if it’s menstrual cramps, don’t hesitate to tell the school nurse or a parent, or if you’re out of school and home even make a doctor’s appointment. Chances are if your cramps are that bad there’s something they can do to improve that as well.

I am boosting the shit out of that reply, because I am twenty-fucking-five years old and did not know how to tell the two pains apart

I’d like to clarify that it isn’t just appendicitis that masquerades as Normal Lady Problems. My sister, bless her, finally started getting bad cramps about a year ago. She talked to her doctor, they put her on the pill. She started bleeding every day, and they said, “Oh, yeah, it’ll sort itself out in 6 months or so.” So she bled for three straight months, assuming that this was what I did, because my cramps are Legendary, or possibly Hell difficulty. But my sister was bleeding every day like the proverbial stuck pig. She had a bath towel in her bed to lie on at night. She couldn’t be far from a bathroom for long. She had flies in the house because of the constant blood hangin’ out in the garbage cans. The day she finally gave in and went to the doctor, her hemoglobin was down to 6. They sent her to get a unit of blood, which took something stupid like 8 hours to match her type, and by then she was essentially hyperventilating because she didn’t have enough blood in her body to circulate enough oxygen. They assumed it was a panic attack. They gave her two units, I took her home and she didn’t want me to stay, she thought she was fine…twenty minutes later she called an ambulance because she was hyperventilating again, and they still thought it was anxiety for a while until she passed a blood clot the size of a fist in front of the nurse who helped her to the toilet. She was in surgery in about 12 hours. She’s fine now, and I have some lovely pics of her fibroids that the surgeon took for me as she removed them.

So yeah, kids. The only sensible advice is “Don’t try being female alone at home.” There are so many ways periods can condition us to accept the unacceptable. My mother thinks I lose maybe a tablespoon or two of blood every month. Clearly we are not genetically related because it’s way more than that, and yet I’m pretty sure I’d complain if I bled for two weeks without stopping. Never assume that something unpleasant is just normal. Toughing shit out and not talking to doctors is for stupid men. Be smarter than that, and help the medical community learn that every damn female who survives to menopause without killing someone deserves a frickin’ medal.

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This wasn’t necessary… 

this was SO necessary…

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sometimes when you get the sads you just gotta draw two idiots kissing and maybe you’ll feel a little better

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Isn’t it nice how people twist their religious scripture to suit their weds but when it’s used against them it’s suddenly not okay

I talked to a monk about this quote once (we have mutual friends, and he came to a New Year’s Eve party at my shared art studio). He said this isn’t even talking about homosexuality. That the bible never actually says homosexuality is wrong. What that passage means is this:

Women were treated as subservient and it that you shouldn’t treat other men as subservient, like they are beneath you. It is not talking about homosexuality. If it was, it would say it outright since the bible lists other things outright.

I take the word of a monk who have studied the bible extensively more than a self proclaimed Christian.

The above text, I would like to point out is from the point of view of this translation of the original Hebrew. I spoke with my cousin’s rabbi on the matter and his response was different, saying that it was a mistranslation. See, the true translation says that a man shall not lie with another in the bed of a woman, which is to say, the Hebrews had a shit ton of rules about when a man was or was not allowed in a woman’s bed and private quarters (including, if she didn’t want you there, you weren’t allowed there. Hebrew women were also allowed to divorce their husbands and the image of the ‘oppressive Hebrew people’ is an image that was propogated by Christianity which, historically speaking, doesn’t treat the Jewish people too well and liked to paint them as being rather barbaric and backwards and cultish with their traditions, which, another piece of fun info, their traditions were one of the main reasons why the Jewish people were less likely, in medieval times, to die of the plague. Because washing your hands and avoiding the dead and vermin and the like was a lot of help. Of course the Christians persecuted them for not dying but that’s another matter. I’m sidetracked). So the verse is literally saying ‘Don’t fuck in some lady’s bed because that’s just goddamn rude’

Also, whenever a Christian brings the book of Leviticus up, you should feel free to point out that these are rules that were given to make the Hebrew people prepared for when the son of God came to earth. In Christianity, it’s believed the son of God was Jesus. So by following the rules set in Leviticus or pushing them as things we should follow, they’re saying that Jesus was not the son of God, and that Jesus did not, in fact, die for our sins. Jewish people believe, in their faith, that the son of God hasn’t yet been born, so many choose to follow these rules.

Most people of course roll their eyes when I explain the translation of the verse (full breakdown found here) but it’s always fun to point out the nature of the rules in Leviticus and the implications of following them. 

I’m a theology student and I am on the verge of crying because of how accurate this commentary is. Historical context is simultaneously the most interesting and most important part of interpreting any texts. 

You should totally read the link I bolded above my mind was blown

The translation link is a really fascinating, word by word breakdown of what the translator’s process is.

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bit disappointed that Rupert wasn’t in the video of Unlocking Sherlock. but I was so determined to make all Lestrade’s scenes into gifs

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Excuse me for a moment I am crying over robots. 

a while ago I read about soldiers in Iraq crying when their bomb-dismantling robot, which followed them on every mission, was destroyed in the line of duty.

They named it, put stickers on it, and took care of it. Then, when it served its purpose, some people wondered why they expressed such emotions for a soulless machine, some even needing counseling akin to losing friends.

I don’t believe in souls, I believe a human functions without any ethereal influence and that’s miraculous enough as it is, a ‘soul’ being more of a metaphorical description of traits than anything. What exactly is to say souls aren’t what we imbue upon these ‘soulless machines’ when they help us like we help those we love? What is a soul but what value others place in you- not just in what you offer them, but in an interest in your happiness too? There’s a kind of depersonalization going on- obviously the robot just was following orders of it’s controller- but it’s impossible for people to not be thankful/place value in things that help us live or make our lives richer I guess.

Issac Asimov was an atheist but his writings were the first in science fiction history to suppose not just that ‘machines have feelings/emotion’, but rather that we as humans are only very refined organic machines, a summation of chemical processes without a ‘soul’, something that we have that nothing else does. Where exactly lies the point of difference in complexity or I daresay “lack of understanding how it’s built” where it descends into “magic”? It’s obvious that the only reason we don’t have Datas running around is because we don’t know how yet. Think about it, though- Is the love and attachment or motivation those soldiers felt for their robots any less real than what they felt for, say, a working dog? Does a pet owner love their simple goldfish less than they would a highly trained dog? Would you say a lazy cat that doesn’t even dismantle bombs has a soul where that robot doesn’t? And if we had robots like Data, would our attachment to them emotionally not be all the ‘soul’ they really need to make them real to us? Where does the line begin?

I mean, after all…

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waltz for john and mary motherfucker


x Sherlock Stirling AU once again hell yeah


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the return of the ANGELDEMON AU huhUAE!!! V:

aggressive steve! makeouts! wingkink! horns that glow brighter the happier+hornier tony is!


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